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Federally Employed Women (FEW) is a private membership organization working as an advocacy group to improve the status of women employed by the Federal government and by the District of Columbia government. Read more about FEW in our "What Is Few?" Presentation (.ppt).

The national organization website is www.few.org. FEW is organized into ten regions within the United States and overseas, comprised of many local chapters. Windy City Chapter is one of the chapters within the Great Lakes region. (More info about Great Lakes Region or Other Regions and Chapters).

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Windy City Chapter Executive Board Members

Lashana Johnson, President
Brenita Betts, Vice President
Vacant, Secretary
Vacant, Treasurer

Committee Chairs:
Vacant – Awards/Scholarship
Adrianne Callahan – Membership
Carmen Maso – By-Laws
LaDonna Young – Compliance
Vacant – Diversity
LaDonna Young – Legislative
Vacant – Outreach
Barbara Reedy – Training
Vacant – Fundraising
Brenita Betts - Finance
JoWanna Jenkins – Sunshine
Vacant – Newsletter Editor
Vacant – Public Relations
Vacant – Website Manager

Agencies that currently have members in Windy City FEW
United States Environmental Protection Agency
Health and Human Services
Corporation for National and Community Service
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Internal Revenue Service
US Commodity Futures Trading Commission
US Department of Agriculture
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Department of Energy
US Army Corps of Engineers
Veterans Administration
Transportation Security Administration
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
First Command
Everett Wealth Solution Partnership

See also: Windy City Chapter Photos

Windy City Mission and Purpose Statement
Federally Employed Women works to end sex and gender discrimination, to encourage diversity for inclusion and equity in the workplace, and for the advancement and professional growth of women in federal service.

Windy City Chapter Bylaws

Windy City Goals:

  • Provide opportunities for our members to network with diverse work groups, while mentoring women and assisting them with the help needed to advance within the professional ranks in the Federal workplace. FEW members feel a strong support network in their pursuit of increasing knowledge and skills.
    1. Use member surveys to develop list of potential informal trainings and networking opportunities
      • The board will create a schedule and work closely with members to offer informal training.
      • Measure: number of informal trainings, evaluation responses by members
    2. Support individual member’s IDP development and implementation
      • Create “buddy system” where people support each other using IDP as guidance toward goals
      • Identify fundraisers for scholarships and provide scholarships for College and FEW National/Regional Training Programs
      • Measure: number of items on IDPs achieved! (bonus points for career transition and promotion. )
  • Provide leadership skills and opportunities for our members and potential members to provide the necessary training to improve on a professional and personal level.
    1. Use member surveys to develop the appropriate training plan to increase skills.
      • Training should include a mix of Professional skills and “fun” skills
      • Measure: Trainings are well received more requests for training and increased membership.
    2. Conduct Regional Training Programs every two years so members can obtain skills desired and have a chance to network.
      • Measure: evaluation of courses and overall training and number enrolled.
    3. Take an annual survey of the members to see what is needed and see what skills have changed and/or increased.
  • Promote mentorship and education to younger women to assist them in professional development for today’s workforce.
    1. Establish a mentoring program to help girls to prepare to enter the workforce.
    2. Establish a mentoring program for women that are already in the workforce.
    3. Provide assistance to community schools that are trying to reach out to girls.

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